Cleto Reyes is a family run business and the number one Mexican brand for boxing gloves. Used by the very best like Juan Zurita, Muhammad Ali, Julio César Chávez, Sugar Rey Leonard, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.

⟶ For the past 70 years, Cleto Reyes has fabricated boxing gloves that are considered a good luck charm.

As a brand
with a long
legacy in the
boxing world.

Cleto Reyes is expanding their expertise into the sportsware and apparel industry.


º Art Direction
º Digital Strategy
º Website Design

I and the Dogma’s creative director made a concept for the launching campaign of their sportsware line, which consisted of a series of videos revolving around #SALTEDELRING (#GETOFFTHERING) – inviting people to get off their normal day lives and become fierce athletes.

I developed the art direction to the clothing tags, web redesign, online store and personalized gift boxes for selected celebrities and influencers.