The Vacant Magazine
is a new and forward-thinking independent fashion publication.


The logo is inspired by the constant change and openness of the Vacant spirit. Its outline enables/allows the live participation of those who want to enter/produce content and changing it – experiencing another state of mind.

Alternative Logos

These fun and intrepid/wild interpretationsof the base logo are meant to communicate how far VACANT is willing to keep re-inventing itself.


In this day and age, the closer we feel to a brand, the most we consume and share it.


The colors of VACANT represent the constant change and dynamic narrative that its publications offer. We use a black and white base that helps us establish a neutral ground for creativity. The rest of the colors are used in The rest of the colors are used in specific occasions to highlight content.

Digital Branding

Every brand has certain attributes that help distinguish and position them within their niche market. The result was the all-new Website, your ultimate pass to the most coveted knowledge, events, art, culture and design, tailored specifically to you. 

This site connects users to the global youth community by offering expert guidance from top writers, with recommendations and invitations to exclusive events and experiences. Ultimately, the website is designed to serve consumers at every step of their culture lives.

Working closely with the Vacant Team over 6 months to co-create the site, my role was to help craft the design and experience for all platforms (responsive design).

This included working on visual design, user experience, information architecture, rapid prototyping, motion design & direction, and delivery of the final product.

We also needed to develop an experience that could scale in the content and features, so we worked across categories to craft a coherent design language that could be applied across the digital product ecosystem.