CATI is brand new name. Working as a single, close-knit team, this new webapp began providing support to entrepreneurs for all their needs inside your company when they buy a product to Intel or Hp : right from the get go and all the way past the finish line. And that’s exactly how we’ve won their vote of confidence to assist them in developing a new brand identity.

Two brands, one identity.

One digital system to manage a stock of products and codes


This newly unified system is founded on years of experience in the sector, multidisciplinary expertise and a shared conviction that together works better. CATI personifies the link, connection, and point of contact between entrepreneurs and the stock of these two brands. The graphic style is in a dominant, but mellow shade and is paired with a significant amount of dark space creating a clean, business-like feel. 

Entrepreneurs are always on the move and CATI is ready to move on up with them.

To make sure that the core values, brand strategy and brand style are kept intact, we’ve developed a brand experience to make sure that’s what happens. This includes detailed information on the clear choices we’ve made in terms of graphic style, user experiece, user interface, etc…

…what that boils down to how CATI looks, moves and feels.