Nike is well-known for its authentic vibe, empowering spirit, and innovative technology. Having this in mind, we designed an interactive pop-up experience for the launch of Nike’s 2016 F/W Tech Pack collection.

The pop-up was created as an alternative to a conventional spatial oriented retail design; making it a responsive space that would allow the customer to take control of the retail floor by interacting with the products through games, user generated content and movement.

Directing the communication
strategy of the brand’s messages to
a young crowd.

The project was conceived as part of a positioning strategy using new technologies and approaches to retail experience and marketing, where results were measured in visits and shares (rather than mere sales).

For the interior design, Nike’s signature colors were incorporated together with a cross pattern that alludes directly to Tech Pack’s logo.

Giant flat screens, light and responsive elements give a streamlined tech atmosphere throughout the space that not only showcase the product.

But also provide a richer and more
connected experience.